Recent Anime: 5 Centimeter Per Second


5 Centimeter Per Second has always been on my to-watch list. Thanks to my workmate, I have finally been able to watch it!

Released in 2007, this movie was a hit. Back then, this was what everyone was talking about.

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Recent Anime: Haikyuu!! OVA

Other than Karasuno, my other favorite teams are Seijou and Nekoma – for obvious reasons. 8D

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Recent Anime: Dance with Devils

So instead of having just rich, popular, and ikemen members of the Student Government, the members of Shiko Academy Student Council are rich, popular, ikemen, and evil. Because, why not?

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Recent Anime: Kuroshitsuji – Book of Murder

Book of Murder is a two-part OVA that takes place after the events in Book of Circus. Ciel and Sebastian are back in the Phantomhive mansion and everything returns to normal. That is, until the Queen’s butlers barge in.

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