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— One of the main reason I’ve started this blog.

Way back in the 90s when Sailormoon, Astroboy, and Voltes V were aired on the local TV channel, I was still a kid and was too engrossed in watching those series. Heck, I even met the first bishie I’ve ever fangirled by the name Chiba Mamoru. 

Since then I have this on and off relationship with anime, often depending on my free time. Nevertheless, I am slowly staying away from any anime series. It’s quite obvious that I am not keeping up with the latest releases. My reason? Let’s start with cutting-edge animation with mediocre stories to overrated series (most of the time I just shrug it off though) to ‘elite’ fans, though it’s mostly because of the latter. There are still some rare gems every now and then, but that’s it. However, I can’t hate anime completely so I’ll watch when I wanted to and probably write a post about it.


— But of course x3

I love reading since…ever since lol. I read almost anything and everything. Who would be able to resist gorgeous art (okay not all the time), awesome set of characters, and precious stories? That feeling of content after reading a good story is priceless itself. Alas! Most of the good titles are underrated. Oftentimes overshadowed by their anime counterpart. 

I also like MANWHA (Korean comics) and some MANHUA (Chinese). They have good stories but not all are translated.  Oh, and I have to mention that most Manwha I’ve read has beautiful art too. 


— Specifically, otome games.

I have just recently re-acquainted with gaming and I don’t regret it. XD Tokimemo~~ this is your fault! lol

However, I’m pretty much new to otome games and still exploring it. I’m pretty much struggling with my Japanese and playing these helps me a lot. What better way to be motivated in studying the language is to read and listen to the sweet lines of your chosen bishounen? /bricked

Other games that I play are rhythm games and sometimes RPG. Moreover, I’m a big fan of Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, and Dangan Ronpa series.


— Honestly, I don’t know where to put this so I’ll settle it here. xD

I am so into BL buuut I don’t consider myself as a fujoshi (as much as I don’t think I’m an otaku). That sounds like a hypocrite but err really I’m far from being one. Okay, so I like BL/slash series be it in anime, manga, and games; NEVER real life ones or non-canon pairing (or pairing a guy to another guy in a non-BL title – unless they’re being so gay with each other). However, there are some exceptions like Bakuman where Shuujin and Saiko fit each other than to their respective ladies.    These types of occurrences are very rare to happen, though. Other things that I’m not fond of are bara and shotacon.



— *squee* OMG these girls are awesome!!! Got to lurve everything about them, from their spunky outfits to their rock and pop-ish songs! If you don’t know them, you might recognize their songs such as Shoujo S (Bleach), Shunkan Sentimental (FMA: Brotherhood), Harukaze (Bleach), and Pride (Star Driver Takuto). They also perform K-On!’s Don’t Say Lazy!. 



— I admit, I’m a bit of a bookworm. 

I read whatever I have in my hand. My fave author is Rick Riordan. Other than his 39 clues book and adult books, I have read all his released titles (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, and Heroes of Olympus). Indeed, I’m a big fan of PJ and its sequel. My other fave books would be Ella Enchanted (sucker for fairy tales), and Sherlock Holmes (gaaaah my dear Sherlockkk~).

Now, add Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell in the list. 😀


— lololol I’m not really sure if I should put this here. hehe

Although I may like a particular character based from his personality or when he slowly grows on me, I’m easily swayed by the following characteristics:

  • Princely – XDD I told you I’m a sucker for fairy tales~~
  • Hair color from light yellow/blonde -> darker shade ->brown ->black/dark blue  – even if I can like other hair colors, guys who have this often catches my attention. 

I also tend to like characters who are/have: mysterious aura, stoic, kuudere, quite flirty (but not a complete jerk), genki-type, perceptive, introvert, extrovert, ドM… actually, as long as they are not manipulative jerks, I can like all of them~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Thanks to Debora and Lorelie for the cute emoticons~~ x3

Your thoughts?

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