Yui & Azu-nyan… ^_^

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2009)

Yay! A new favorite character from K-ON! Now, other than Yui, I also like Azusa. They’re just so cute.!!!! ^___^

Let’s start for Yui’s screenshots:

I thought that this picture can make a good wallpaper. I wish I know how to do it but it’s impossible since I’m a dummy in using Photoshop. hoho

I love her reactions when Azusa called her Yui-senpai.! So cute!!!!

Yui is cute and enthusiastic (?) as usual. ^_^

Now, for Azu-nyan’s screenshots:

A cute reaction! It is really funny how Yui make fun of her reactions. xD

This scene made me like her. The birth of Azu-nyan.! Nya..

Her personal cup is also cute. Lookie here:

I love this!! haha

And so, the Yui & Azu-nyan pictures:

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  1. is it me or does azyu-nyan and mio sorta look alike? besides the fact that they have long dark hair, but they are buth shy.

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