You Are Not Alone: Lelouch’s POV (Fanfic)

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Title: You Are Not Alone

Anime: Code Geass

Pairing: LelouchxCC

Genre: Hurt, Comfort, Romance

Chapter 2: Lelouch’s POV

Come to think of it, I was affluent compared to most kids of my age. What made me more fortunate was the fact that I had a loving mother and sister, never mind my father. At that time I was so young, so hopeful, and so optimistic about life. But a single dreadful event occurred that left me with almost nothing in this world. My mother was gone, my sister became blind and crippled, and I was banished from the royal family.

One of my half-sisters taught me to be consistently positive about life and believe in the goodness of people. Yeah right, I supposed then. After what had happened, I looked around and I was dumbfounded with what I saw. People were chattering nonchalantly as they walked on the streets. Some were busy doing their regular routine. The trees and grass shimmered with crystalline-like moisture from the previous night’s fog. Even the oldest building appeared classy under the glistening sun. Shouldn’t the world stop? Don’t they know what had happened to me? Everything must be black and white. Yet no one took notice at all. It left me a feeling I am slowly sinking to a murky hole. My enviable life appeared as if I was looking at a charming mirror slowly shattering to pieces before me.

Various emotions started stirring inside of me. Vengeance and hatred took the biggest parts. I had to constantly remind myself that I would have my sweetest revenge when the time comes and I would collect the debt of my father. The day we buried my mother was the same day I locked away the love and happinest that I once felt in the deepest part of my heart.A part where no one could go through other than my dearest sister. I have already given up trusting anyone, anyway.

Genius – that is what I usually got from other people. I am very much aware of it and was fully using my God-given talent to my advantage. I had carefully crafted a dainty facade so no one would see through it and possibly see a weakness inside. People trusted me more, which was beneficial to my dissimulation. I may look like a frail high schooler but mind you, wealthy and influential individuals were caught on my tricks. I am proud to say, I formulated plenty of them under my sleeve.

Things took a 360-degree turn when I met her. At our first meeting I thought to myself that she owed me one, but she later proved me wrong. It was I who owe something from the mysterious girl by receiving the power of the gods. Geass, as what she called it, is an ability that could finally overthrow my nemesis.



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