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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

According to the date on my MS doc, I have written a review for this last JULY 15, 2010.  Imagine, it was almost more than a month since I made this and I can only post it now. Gee, talk about forgetfulness. Anyway, click read more for the review.

Because of his extreme fondness to children and small and weak things, Takanashi Souta  found himself working in a family restaurant with his cute senpai, Poplar Taneshima. Wagnaria, the name of the restaurant, have a fair share of its not-so ordinary staff. Get to know the staffs and their crazy antics as you sit back and enjoy the whole series.

This series originated from a 4-koma manga by Karino Takatsu. 4-koma type of anime is not new to its audience. Some examples of that type of manga are: Lucky Star, K-On!, Kanamemo, Hidamari Sketch to name a few. Working!! has only 13 episodes like some of the titles mentioned above.

Its story does not have a very solid plot. If you have watched K-On! And Lucky Star, you’ll surely understand this.. J The difference it only made was that the comedy, the situations, and how the characters react on the scenes were on an adult-level or the so-called seinen genre. I would not deny the fact that when I started watching this, it had once or twice crossed my mind on dropping the series. It was not because it was boring, in fact I enjoyed watching every seconds. But I temporarily grew tired thinking that this did not catch my attention. I still gave it a chance and when I was watching the third episode, the story became so addicting and they have stopped establishing each character’s personality and focused on the events happening on their restaurant.

You’ll find each character adorable as the story continues. Each of them has their own quirks that made the series even funnier. They may looked “normal” at first. People call them the stereotyped characters but I assure you there is definitely more than meets the eye.

The whole day was so stressful that you need to find something that relaxes you? Try this and you will find yourself laughing out loud while watching this.

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