Wings of a True Star

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2009)

It has been a year since I first started reading this manga. I already liked it after I finished reading the first chapter. The scanlation went on hiatus or sometime and it took almost half a year before someone pick this up and continue scanlating this. Thanks a lot to the scanlators who did a great job in scanlating this manga.

This series is one of those gender-bending shoujo stories wherein the heroine needs to disguise herself due to personal circumstances. The story about show business is nothing new. Therefore, it is not a unique story. What made this original is the way the mangaka presents the story. The fantasy included in the story is really new to me. What I mean is, the use of wings to measure someone else’s star potential is not a bad idea. A balanced dose of comedy and drama is another reason for me to like it. This will certainly make you laugh or even smile. The drama scenes are good enough to bring tears to your eyes or be affected by it. I also love the twists and turns of events. It never failed to surprise me with its every twist and turn.

There is some romance in this but it is not really the main focus of the story. The fangirl in me knew from the start who will like whom. But as I’ve mentioned above, the twist surprised me. Another character realized his feelings first than those whom I have expected to have a romantic feelings to the heroine. On the latter part of the series, it became a mini-reverse harem around our female lead.

Yukari, Ryo, Aya and the other characters are all loveable. There are some who appears to be a villain at first yet when their arc had already finished, they became part of enjoyable cast. My favourite character would be Makoto Ayaori. He is such a bishie. <3 I love him more in his rugged look. Plus, he’s personality is totally adorable. The heroine, Yukari, may not be my favourite but she is good. She is smart and even her actions say so. She is not like those heroines who are called “intelligent” yet they are dumb and dense. Yukari, just like the other female leads, is loved by everyone but at least she is loved because she is kind-natured and strong-willed girl. And how could I forget Ryo who is Yukari’s talent. I like his personality. He may seem to be the laid-back kind of guy but just like his manager, he perseveres a lot to achieve his dreams.

The drawing is good. When there are scenes in which the characters’ wings are shining brightly or it is the highlight of the scene, the wings and the entire background is fascinating. It is drawn beautifully. It is not just the background that is beautiful; the characters are drawn just like the background. The guys are all bishounen. Just choose your type (Aya for me ^_^). Even if the characters are on their cross-dressing mode, they became more beautiful (especially for Ryo).

I felt both happy and sad at the ending. Happy because it is a feel-good, heart-warming ending. It may be not be the best ending but it is one of the best ending I’ve ever read. The good thing is it was not rushed. I was sad because, of course, it is the end of the story. Hehe. I was sad with what happened afterwards. No, it did not become tragic in the end. It’s just that the characters have to move on with their lives. There are just some things I’m not satisfied with. There are still things and issues that needs closure like when will Yoko Oka wakes up again, who made her woke up from her slumber before among Aya and Ryo, or would it be the two of them, and who became Yukari’s lover. Although there are still these unsettled issues, the ending is still cute.

The story taught us to persevere so that we can achieve our dreams. Along this journey to our dreams, we can meet different individuals. Some can help you while others may be a hindrance. You can learn from them not just for you dream but also for personal growth. And don’t forget to enjoy the process. You wouldn’t know what other extra good thing you can get in that journey.

Your thoughts?

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