Which is superior – Anime or Western Animation?

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

I’ve just found this article on the net that states 9 reasons why Anime is superior to Western Animation.

Here is a part of the article:

While animation coming out of America has improved a lot in the last several years due to Adult Swim and other influences, it’s still nowhere near where Japanese animation has managed to go. While cartoons in the US were largely relegated to kiddie fare for so many decades, it made much larger strides in Japan for quite a few reasons, with shows spanning across all demographics and genres. There are exceptions to every rule, though often those exceptions are called anime when they’re not. Yes, we’re looking at you Avatar the Last Airbender. So why is anime superior?


9. Complete Stories
8. Depth of Character
7. Depth of Story
6. Relationships Treated Realistically
5. Even When It’s for Children, It’s Not for Children
4. Adult Animation
3. Culture/History Is Important
2. The Budget Is on the Screen
1. Hayao Miyazaki

To read more, click here –> http://www.mania.com/9-reasons-anime…le_117749.html

Personally,  I agree with the author. I never  liked hearing people saying that anime is the same as cartoon. Sounds like, Bugs Bunny is on the same level as Lelouch.! Of course, that won’t ever happen. Just like what is written on the article, anime has a plot. Some may be out of this world type of story but it definitely depicts realistic side of humanity. That’s why there are characters whom we can relate ourselves to.  That is also how the characters from an Anime have a connection to its audience. Another thing is the animation itself. The characters are well-drawn, the bg is often good, and the music really suits the story.

I also hear people saying that since anime is just like cartoons, therefore, it is for children ONLY. Okay, if it really is for children only, why don’t you try asking an elementary kid to watch Death Note or Code Geass then, try asking their opinion about the series. I wonder if they can truly appreciate the message of the series nor understand the characters’ actions. ^^

Oh, and btw, I don’t have any grudge or whatsoever to Bugs Bunny. I just used him as an example. ^_^

Your thoughts?

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