Viz Confirms Gintama Manga 23 Is Final N. American Volume

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2011)

Another sad news for the fans. 🙁

North American anime and manga distributor Viz Media has confirmed with ANN that volume 23 of Gintama is the last one that the company intends to publish.

Amazon, Anime Castle, Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and other retailers list the 23rd volume of Hideaki Sorachi‘s manga Gintama as the series’ "final volume" in North America from Viz Media, even though the manga’s Japanese publisher, Shueisha, just released the 39th volume on April 4 in Japan. The 23rd volume will ship in North America on August 2.

The company’s Twitter account acknowledged the matter publicly but did not provide further information.


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  1. Crud. This totally stinks. I first heard about the end of the translated volumes from Amazon, and it truly is a huge disappointment. I have every volume up to 22, and was planning on continuing to buy them. Why are all the great series left unfinished? Thanks for crushing my dreams, Viz!

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