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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2010)

From Yamano Ayane-sensei’s twitter post.

Sexy laptop, may I add. 🙂

I was checking up on my LJ inbox this morning when this caught my attention. Someone posted this on Yamano Ayane comm a few days ago. So I looked at Sensei’s account on Twitter and found this one. This is Viewfinder’s Animix. Yay!!! Finally!! Though I’d be very delighted if they made it a real anime. But Asami-sama in full colors???!!!!! ^//////////////////////^ I wouldn’t wish for more! <3 <3 <3

I have read somewhere about Sensei’s interview (I guess, it’s for the upcoming Yaoi Con?) and she mentioned about an anime of Viewfinder (anime meaning an animix). Viewfinder will be like Yebisu Celebrities and Gokujyo no Koibito now. :))))))

4 thoughts on “Viewfinder Animix

  1. well i sure hope it comes out soon..i like it..did u see aki’s eyes and his expression..cant wait to see asami move and can t wait to hear his voice..i was hoping that it will become a ove of 2-4 parts like hauru wo and ikkoku irokoi…sigh..sigh..i might have spelled the names wrong….

    1. Me too~ can’t wait to see them moving. And I am also hoping that they would change their minds and instead of animix, they will make it a real anime like the anime you have mentioned. But I’m not saying that this one is bad. It’s better than to have nothing.. :)))

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