Venus Capriccio

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2009)

Mangaka: Nishikata Mai

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

Volumes: 5

Chapters: 29

Publisher: Hakusensha

Magazine: Hana to Yume

English Publisher: CMX

Takami dresses, acts and speaks like a boy. Her mother was afraid that she will be a tomboy so she enrolled Takami to a piano lesson. There she met a beautiful boy named Akira. He is three years younger than Takami but already a good pianist. all this time, she thinks of him as her cute little sister. Then suddenly, he kissed her and tells Takami that he likes her.

For the series review, refer here.

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  1. Found it! ^_^
    Sounds like a good story…plus Akira looks so cute! haha.. bishies are all I need to get me interested.. ^^;

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