Vampire Knight chapter 49

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

After two bonus chapters, it’s back to the main story.

I love the layout of Lala although I don’t like Yuki. It’s cute.

In this chapter, Takuma reappeared with a new character. We have also known what happened after his fight with his grandfather. He kind of look different now.


He looks rugged. But still looking good.^_^

What made me love this chapter is the appearance of Kaname (even if I don’t like Yuki on his side XP). You can feel how lonely he is and how much he can sacrifice for Yuki. His love for her is immeasurable. Yuki sure is lucky. xD Does that also mean that Yuki chooses Kaname for good or she’s just feeling guilty over the sacrifices and pain that her brother is going through? (I hope not or I’ll kill her. xDDD)

Anyway, here are my favorite Kaname scenes. (I’d really love to comfort him. ^_^)

I’d die if Kaname would stare at that way.! xD

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa….So incest.!

Soooo lucky.. She was kissed and now Kaname bit her.

I’m confused. Who are these guys?? At first I thought it’s Zero recognizing the gun but I’m really not sure.

Looking forward for the 50th chapter..^_^

Credits to SGK for the scans.

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