Valentine’s Scramble

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Now, only 2 more days left before the most awaited Vain, *cough* Valentine’s Day.!

It seems that there will also be “something” between Moko-san and Hiou-kun.

Someone’s hitting on Moko-san and Hiou-kun comes to save her.

Maybe when Hiou-kun will grow older he’ll be somewhat like Momiji of Furuba.

I can’t wait to see the gift of Kyoko for Ren.!

The next picture would be the new player of the Valentine’s Day Game.

It’s Fuwa Shou!

Who would have thought that Kyoko’s myterious caller is Shou. Poor creature. First, he was mistaken as Ren. Second, as Reno. xD To think that Shou despises the two of them. Now, let him imagine/guess what is the connection of Kyoko and Reno. *evil laugh*

Credits to Franky House for the images and thanks to their fast releases. ^_^

Your thoughts?

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