Uta no Prince-sama (First Impressions)

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2011)

My most awaited anime this season. Not because this is good or whatnot, but it is a reverse harem anime! γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ

 UtaPri is originally an otome game released by Brocolli. The story is about a girl named Haruka who entered Saotome Academy to be a song writer and meet her favourite idol, Hayato. She’ll meet 6 guys and one of them looks exactly like Hayato but denies that he is him. What is happening??

If you want to read the game summary of each guy’s route, refer to Rin’s blog.

Unlike other music-themed anime such as Nodame Cantabile and La Corda d’Oro, UtaPri is more on pop, idol-styled song. The opening sequence is flashy and has an upbeat tune which reminds me of a JE-like performances complete with squealing fangirls on the audience.

This reminded me of Tegoshi Yuya (NewS) who looks good with girly clothes. XD

I haven’t played the game but have seen some CGs and I can say that I like the design more in the anime than in the game. Sadly, I am not sure if I can say the same for it’s story.

I am hoping this won’t disappoint me in the end especially on terms of music. Will be waiting for more episodes of this. ラブラブ!

More screencaps on my Tumblr. 😀

Your thoughts?

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