Usagi Drop (First Impressions)

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2011)

I heard this seinen manga-turned-anime was good but I did not have a chance to read it yet. However, the anime made me think I really should have.

It started on the funeral of Daikichi’s grandfather. He learned from his mother that his late grandfather had an illegitimate child named Rin, making her his aunt. She is a quiet and lonesome six-year girl who seemed to feel comfortable around Daikichi. A problem arises to the other family members as they talked about who will take care of the poor girl. With no one willing to be the foster family for Rin, the 30-year old Daikichi decided to adopt his aunt. Thus, the start of their life together.

The 1st episode piqued my interest. Since seinen is it’s theme, I was half-expecting serious tones on the story. It is serious, but the characters are interesting and engaging enough to lighten up the mood of the series.

The animation helped a lot in making the story less serious. The background and the colors used somewhat resembles that of Nichijou (I am unsure whether that anime was made by Production I.G) and the characters’s design looked similar with the characters from Kimi ni Todoke (I could swear I thought I’d seen Chizu in one of Rin’s facial expressions).

So definitely, Usagi Drop will be one of the series I’d keep on watching this season.

Your thoughts?

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