Uraboku ep 1 screenshots

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2010)

I can’t contain my excitement so instead of waiting for the subbed version of Yuuri-sans, I’ve just downloaded the version of Crunchysubs. I just want to share to all of you the screenshots of episode 1.. 😀

Screenshots of the op vid.:

Here’s some shots from the main story:

He is Kanata-san. Yuki treats him as an older brother since they both came from the same orphanage.

weeee..Touko and Tsukumo.! I love these two especially Tsukumo.. 😀

Pretty right? She’s cuter than the previous Yuki.. XD


So here’s the lead, Sakurai Yuki. 😀

I wonder if he’s really the villain.

Their fated meeting.. <3

Luka!!! *squeals* *nosebleeds* *faints*

Then, the ed vid. The vid contains nothing but Luka and the previous Yuki.

That’s all for now.. 😀 I really want the next episode NOW.! lol..

I just noticed that my fave seiyuu’s are here, Jun Fukuyama, Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, and Mamoru Miyano even Yukana.! XDDDD

8 thoughts on “Uraboku ep 1 screenshots

  1. waaah~~ nosebleed over the white-haired guy! zero look alike! XD
    is definitely putting this on my watch list! XDD

    (kasalanan mo, hahaba na naman ang list ko! LOL)

    1. weeee..I also love Tsukumo.! <3
      Some characters here resembles the characters from VK..

      okay lang yan..Uraboku is lurve..ahaha!

  2. Kyaa~~! Luka! *huge nosebleed* I’ve been reading the manga and I love it! I was thinking about watching the anime but I haven’t gotten around to it! Now I definately have to watch it! I just love the art and the story line so much! Arigatou for the screen shots! They look so lovely!

  3. Do you know the background song where Luka says the following?:

    Luka: Omae no uragiranai (I will not betray you)

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