Unboxing: Mystic Messenger Special Believer Package

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2018)

I admit I haven’t been playing Mystic Messenger since I finished it back in 2016. I’m not sure I’m ready for another round of sleepless nights.  ಥ‿ಥ

And then Cheritz dropped the news of releasing this:

mystic messenger

I was at a lost. To buy or not to buy? www

I couldn’t decide! I wasn’t playing enough Mystic Messenger. Or at least not as hardcore as it was back then. Second, it’s quite a big jump in price from the RFA package (about 6 USD difference – that’s a lot when converted).

But then, there’s a part of me that wanted to have this for the sake of completing the packages Cheritz released. Blame my OCD for this www.

And now here it is!

mystic messenger
At least, this arrived in a better condition than my RFA package.

BUT before I gush about the content, let me just tell you how amazed I was for the fast delivery! I mean, delivery from South Korea to Manila. Look at this:

mystic messenger

First, I freaked out when I saw that it arrived 4 days after leaving South Korea. I thought I chose EMS by mistake and not K-Packet (EMS gives me nightmares so I never choose them). Thank god I didn’t. But look:

mystic messenger

Now that’s bullshit.

Phlpost (yup, no “I” because that’s the new spelling or so they say) never delivers, unless it’s a realllyyyyy small book. Besides, I went there on February 16 and they told me that while they received it on Feb 14, they have a 5-day clearance so I would have to come back the following week. I went back on March 8 to get my package because it wasn’t delivered, not even a notice card arrived. /sigh Phlpost I gave you a chance and you (always) blew it.


mystic messenger

Isn’t this sleek and gorgeous? The Special Believer package looked smaller than the RFA package. So I put them side by side. They’re actually of the same size and height. XD


mystic messenger

Cards – I was amazed by the quality of the RFA members’ business cards. This time, Cheritz included these cards in the package. The middle card is the usual card – thick and firm. The other 4 though – superb! They are as thin as a paper but they are not paper. They are plastics. And not just cheap plastic. The cards are sturdy. I tried folding them (because I really thought that they are paper) and there were no dents on it.

mystic messenger

Ref Magnets – This one I did not expect! XD it’s a nice touch though.

mystic messenger

Random photographs – There are 5 photos included. I’m not sure if they could be spoilers for the game so I only took the one with Saeran.

CDs – these CDs are just fab! My camera didn’t do justice but I can assure you that it looked super awesome. I mean, just look at the colors! And that aurora-like CD cover for the bonus video collection (the one on the right). Kudos to Cheritz!

Another Story OST – Just like the Talk CDs, I’m not opening/listening to this until I finished the DLCs. 😀

mystic messenger

Talk Party Translations – same with the RFA package, Cheritz was kind enough to provide a translation for the Talk CD for fans outside South Korea.

mystic messenger

Saeran’s Diary – Like in Rika’s Scrapbook, I flipped through Saeran’s Diary and it was an amusing read! It is full of scribbles and day to day adventure of the twins. But beware, like in the game, it started light and got dark real fast…

mystic messenger

Rika’s Scrapbook – This contains interviews of Rika and V. Along with some sneak peeks from the RFA members’ bags. And then, there’s also Rika’s diary.

All in all, Cheritz lived up to my expectation. Special Believer package is packed with a lot of high-quality materials that makes every penny I spent worth it. It got me excited to get back to the game so that I could go through all of this stuff right away!

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