Two things that made my day :)

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2011)

Last night, I was lurking at Gokusaishiki’s forum. It was mentioned that few more hours and the patch for Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 2nd Season will be up. When I woke up, I found this  on their blog. Finally I can play this one! Yay! I was playing 1st Love Plus and am playing the 3rd one so I am really looking forward to this. 😀 Here’s the download page,

But! There’s an added good news for all of us. 😀

Sex Pistols OVA have been released by Aarinfantasy. Yay!!! The long awaited OVA is finally here.!

Let’s all enjoy the releases and thank them for providing us these awesome projects. ^^

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