Tutorial for Dummies (like me..)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

It’s all because of this.

This is not actually a tutorial.. ^__^; Shoujo Magic have done it.. You may ask me about the title. Really, I need a tutorial for a dummy like me on how to download a file from the IRC.

I’m having a problem on where should I download the chapters of Venus Capriccio. I can’t find it on Manga Traders since it is already licensed. Luckily, I found the site of Midnight Scans and registered there hoping that I could download the file on their site. I’m lucky enought to find out that all the links have been deleted and all files are only available on IRC. T___T Another long searches on different sites on where can I download the chapters.

Then, I’ve tried IRC. Eventually, I failed. I’ve read the tutorials but my head is spinning with all those commands and terms and whatsoever. I gave up, hoping that some kind-hearted sites might have posted links of the chapters. For the second time, I failed. So I’ve got no other choice but to study the tutorial all over again. Now, it’s a bit easy for me to understand the terms and so I gave it a try and downloaded a file from the IRC channel of Midnight Scans. It was a huge success on my part after I saw that the dialog box is actually downloading the chapters..!!!! Hurray for me.. XDDDD

You might yell at me and say, “You are really a dummy! Why don’t you just read it online??!!!”. Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve tried but it’s slow (maybe because I’m also downloading a torrent?) and I really prefer downloaded manga.

Anyway, all thanks to Shoujo Magic for providing an easy tutorial and Midnight Scans for recommending it and for the scans of course..^__^

Your thoughts?

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