Totally Captivated – The Title says It All

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2010)

The first thing that captivated me was its cover. The cover of the volume one is Moo Kyul (one of the main characters) and it was a so so hot cover. My instincts told me that the series has a good art. Basically, this is my second manwha, next to Ragnarok Into the Abyss, so since I don’t have lots of ideas about manwha, I don’t really expect something from this.

The story really took its time to progress. It was a slow start and it took a volume to explain the surroundings of the two main characters and to leave impression on their personalities as well. It was a bit confusing at first especially when the names seemed the same to me plus the other character who looks like a real girl (where in fact he’s a he). The romance between the two characters, Ewon and Moo Kyul, and I think, also the start of the story, is in the last part of volume 2. So you see, it really took a while before there’s a progress in their relationship same as to the story.

My favourite volumes are the last part of volume 2, the entire volume 3, and the start of volume 4. It’s where you can find the sweetest and funniest parts of the manwha. You can feel the love between the two lovers. I don’t like volume 5 because it seemed to me that it was the downside of the story. Well, not really a downside but that’s the part where the story became generic. Speaking of generic, the most generic part is the volume 6. It was like reading a usual Korean drama. If you’ve watched one, then you’ll understand what am I saying.

I’ve mentioned above some of the weak points of this series. Now allow me to tell you the strong points. Of course, one of the best things about this was the way the characters were drawn. Ewon and Moo Kyul are real bishies, fashionable and the likes. All in all, a 9 for the art. For the story, I’ll give it an eight for it’s an entertaining and good story to read.

The manwhua-ka did a good job in choosing the title as this is a really captivating story. Just want to add something, this series also has a doujinshi made by the same author. If in the main story, the readers did not have a chance to see them in “action”, now you can see it in the doujinshi. You’ll also enjoy reading it the same as the main story.

The author fainted from so much nosebleeding because of Mookyul’s image.. 😀

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  1. I was a bit hesitant of reading this at first because of Korean publishing! I know I’m biased when it comes to manga! I’m glad I tried it! Now this is my fave manwha!

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