Tooi Nemuri

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2010)

English Title: Distant Dream

Mangaka: Yamakami Riyu

Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life, Drama

Publisher: Tokuma Shoten

Magazine: Chara Selection

Volume/s: 1

Chapter/s: 4

Chizumi has been looking over Ibuki ever since his father and Chizumi’s bestfriend, Natsume died in a car accident. After 10 years, Ibuki looks like his deceased father that it makes Chizumi remembers his love for his bestfriend. Luckily, there is Yatabe who is always there for a lot of ways. Then one day, Chizumi received a sudden confession from Ibuki. Does Chizumi love Ibuki or just only mistook him as his father? What about his relationship with Yatabe?

Extra Chapter:

Unmei no Anata

Labelled as a player, Negai has been jumping from one partner to another, be it a guy or a girl. What will happen when a previous lover seeks revenge to him?

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