The Score in Blue

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2009)

Okay.. So first and foremost, I would like to thank Fumino for the link of the second season 2 of La Corda.. Many thanks.. *hugs tightly*

Here’s the link of the site: La Corda d’Oro ~second passo~

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Lucky Hino.. Being surrounded by those bishies…

Another link for the characters: La Corda Characters

There’s another set of uniforms. I wonder if that’s their summer uniform. Still, they all look gorgeous.^_^

Aniplex also released a pv. You can watch it here.

Or listen to the song (it’s in the second post). It’s “The Score in Blue” by Stella Quintet. Just always click the yellow text for the song and the video to play.

Bishies Galore..^_^

I’m really looking forward for this on March 26. And I want to see him in the anime..

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Kaji-kun..!!!!

The pictures are all taken from La Corda’s site and credits to Fumino for the link..XD

Your thoughts?

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