That Butler, Confidence

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

The employees of the Phantomhive household proved that they were not hired for nothing.

Although I’ve already witness their greatness in fighting in anime but I’m still awed by their expertise here. Let’s start with Finny.

He always look happy and calm. A weak boy on the outside. Who would have thought that he have that kind of strength? A strength that could kill a person. He looks so innocent yet he was able to crush all the intruders on the Phantomhive mansion. Finny treasure the straw hat that Ciel gave him.

A former assassin. Meilyn is the clumsy maid in the Phantomhive household. Her fierce eyes are always hidden because of her glasses. I want to see more of her on her assassin look. She looks dangerous but still can be cute. If Finny has a treasured straw hat, Meilyn has her glasses.

I’m unsure about his name. Is it Bard? Bards? Whatever. ^_^

He’s like the leader of the three. He is good in warfare because of his experiences in war.

All in all, they make the Phantomhive household. Strong people and very loyal on their work. (I feel sorry to the people from the circus)

Don’t try to mess with them, or you’ll be dead.

Credits to Bleach Asylum.

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