Teacher-Student Dating Sim to Get an OVA

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2010)

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Vitamin X, an otome game (a love/dating sim for girls, for those who don’t know) is going to get its own OVA.

The storyline for Vitamin X has the player in the role of a teacher named Minami Yuuri who, in her second year of teaching, moves from teaching middle school to high school. You are assigned to teach the toughest class of them all: “Class X”, a class of high school seniors who are so difficult that other teachers who have tried to teach them retired due to ulcers or neurosis.

According to one site, the gameplay is such that after choosing a student to focus your attention on, you will have to make a choice: Correct a student’s mistakes which will make him hate you but increase his intelligence, or let it slide which will make him dumber but will also make him like you more.

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