Tamagotchi Anime to Premiere this October

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2009)

Seriously, tamagotchi on anime? O.o

Quoted from ANN:

A retailers’ solicitation sheet has revealed that a television anime based on Bandai’s Tamagotchi! virtual pets will premiere in Japan in October.

According to the sheet, the new television anime series will simply be called Tamagotchi!. It will premiere at the beginning of October, but the timeslot has not been determined. Each episode will have two 15-minute, self-contained stories. The stories will follow the daily lives of the Tamagotchi and feature new characters and settings. Various new toys aimed at girls are slated to also appear in October, followed by a new software for the Nintendo DS game console in November. That same month, the Japanese McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain will offer Tamagotchi! Happy Sets, which are the equivalent of Happy Meals in North America.

I still can’t believe this news even if I am looking forward to its premiere this fall. ^_^

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