Stoooopid… *sigh*

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

*sigh* Just when I was getting on the best part of Apollo Justice, my DS adapter got busted yesterday. T_T

Before charging, I usually drain the battery of my ds so it will be fully recharged after. I was playing AJ’s Turnabout Succession when it shut down. So I plugged it onto the outlet… then I heard I soft “boom” coming from the outlet; the light on the ds disappeared as well. I panicked and asked my father what happened. He told me its busted and I won’t be able to use it. I’ll have to wait until Sunday for me to be able to buy a replacement. TT___TT

I was feeling down the entire day. First, I am disappointed with myself for my carelessness. If I only inserted it slowly, it wouldn’t be like that. I am supposed to be careful with my things. ;A;. Second, I was beginning to appreciate AJ when I ran out of battery. Stooopid me. >_>


3 thoughts on “Stoooopid… *sigh*

  1. Aww T_T. If you can, try a computer charger for the DS for the meantime (consider it as a back up charger for your ds the moment you have your new charger.) If it’s a ds lite then you can buy it for 88 php in those Japan stores. T_T you can charge your ds wherever there is a usb port, vven in a dvd player. But if it’s a DSi I don’t if there are any computer chargers for those. T_T

    1. I bought a new charger so now I can enjoy playing AJ again. ^O^
      I didn’t know there’s a charger like that. :O That’s cool. Uhm, mine’s a DSi XL so I’m haven’t searched if it is available for my console. But I’d love to have that if it is available. 😀 Thanks!

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