(Last Updated On: April 6, 2011)

Some of the Spring anime have already started and this Steins;Gate is one of them.


First impression after watching the first episode of the anime: confusing.

I heard the time line is the same as that of Chaos;HEAD and I haven’t watched that, perhaps the reason of my confusion. The quality of the video is not helping at all. The first ep is released on the web so that explains the video quality sucks.

Now going back to the story, the guy holding a cellphone you see in the image above is the first character you’ll me along with the girl wearing blue top behind him. I thought I’m getting a hold of the story in its first part. But when the scene changed from what seemed to me an introduction of their club on some sort, I got confused again. I was like, “Geez, just what had happened??! O.O” kind of reaction.

Oh and that guy kept on, for the lack of better term, playing with his fone. Either he is texting or calling somebody from the ‘Agency’. Oh and he kept on mentioning that ‘Agency’, whatever that agency is. All in all he is odd.

Next, the girl who is calling herself Mayushi. She somewhat reminds me of Kobato, childish, dense, naive…orz Definitely, not a character I will like. Those type are usually the ones that ticked the hell out of me. Although, I must admit I like her eyes. It looks like metallic. And my liking ends there.

There’s this other guy in the club having the title of a hacker. Yea, the guy wearing the yellow cap in the image. Why are hackers all looked like that? He is like ‘Pantsu’ from Higashi no Eden (though the latter is more likeable). Uhm, yea right, other than that I don’t have anything else to say about him. He seemed to be an otaku, if that helps.

Moving on, the red haired-girl on the image. I’ve been eyeing her since I’ve seen the poster. No, don’t think of yuri. It’s just that she reminds me of Erza (Fairy Tail). And I do hope she will be as interesting as her look-a-like.

Have I made my point in post? Guess I failed. *sigh* My confusion leads to curiousity and we’ll see where it will take me. The series is odd. That’s for sure. But the sci-fi and time travel also made a point in this series.

If my post confuses you further, check it for yourself and decide if you’ll watch it or not.

Your thoughts?

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