Special A chapter 92 summary

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Here comes Kie’s grandfather. as usual he still doesn’t like Hikari. Then, there comes the Enpa Bunny Cape. While Jii-san came back from London, Midori (Kei’s Mother), also arrived from Austarlia. She’ll be cebrating her private birthday party soon. She even gave her dad a list of presents (well, embarrasing ones..^_^). Hikari helped her with this scheme and date ii-san. Kei learned abouth this and confront his grandfather.

The last scene showed the Kei’s mother address him as a murderer. I wonder if the girl with no face is her mother since I think she is important for both of them. Bad event might happened, I guess. Anyway, Hikari is really girly in this chapter. She looks cute in her fashionable clothes.

These are some pictures (credits to Irhene Gakuen): just click the pictures below

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