Special A chapter 90-91 summary

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Chapter 90

This is the continuation of Kei’s jealousy to Iori Tokiwa, the guy who wants to snatch the 1st place, as well as, Hikari from Kei.

Kei becomes anxious on dealing with his jealousy since he looks like someone who’s ready to kill which makes Hikari afraid of him. On the other hand, Hikari tried to explain him the condition that Tokiwa gave. Upon hearing it, Kei became angry angain and tried to settle things between Tokiwa and he. But then again, he realized that what he needs to do is to make Hikari happy and not making her worried. At the end of this chapter, Hikari proposed to Kei.

Here’s some parts taken from IGC scanlations: (credits to Irhene Gakuen Community) just click the image for a larger view

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