Special A chapter 90-91 summary (cont.)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Chapter 91

Hikari’s proposal brought so much commotion. The overjoyed father of Kei told everyone (as in, everyone..XD) about Kei-Hikari engagement. He even gave expensive gifts to Hanazono family. Also, everyone in school is celebrating for the couple. Even Yahiro and Sakura was there. Yahiro organized the engagement party and Sakura for the dress. Hikari became pressured for all of this. She just did it because that ring will serve as promise between the two of them. A promise that she’ll never leave Kei’s side. Knowing Hikari’s condition, Kei declined the engagement but told her in private that he still wears the ring.

Another pics..^_^ (credits to Irhene Gakuen Community) click the image for larger view..

Another conflict will arise because of the arival of Kei’s grandfather. I hope he’ll interfere no more *crosses fingers*. No more schemes from him. AT first, I thought that Aoi will be the rival of Kei for Hikari but that will be impossible ince he adores Kei so much. Kyaaa, Kei is really sweet. His sweetness and understanding is never-ending and failing.^_^

Everyone, let’s look forward to the ending of S.A since it has already come to its final volume.

That’s all for now. I’ll do the rest next time.. n_n

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