Some Manga Updates

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2011)

Okay so time to update some manga.

On Margaret magazine No.09, Nanaji Nagamu (Parfait Tic, Koibana!)’s new series Aruitou is starting. On a hill overlooking the sea, a new love story is just about to begin. Our protagonist‘s first name is “Kuko”. And this time three boys are involved in the story.

On the same number, Akuma to Love Song by Toumori Miyoshi is finally reaching its end with a total of 13 volumes and 91 chapters. The 13th and last volume will be published on May 25.



Waaaah, so Akuma to Love Song has ended. I have been wanting to read this a long time. Hope I can read some time. ^_^

Your thoughts?

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