Some La Corda d’Oro News

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2009)

I love this pic even if it does not contain my Kaji-kun.. ^_^

The official site has also changed its home picture. Lookie here –> La Corda d’Oro ~second passo~

Dreamy ni Kaji at Hihara..

Btw, second passo had its repeat in Japan last August 29. This is the schedule:

August 29 (Sat) 1st movement 25:00 – 25:30
Second Movement 25:30 – 26:00

Now, this is the event with the seiyuus .

These are some of the pictures:

I can see Mamoru Miyano’s (Kaji-kun’s voice actor) face in almost all the pictures. Maybe he’s the emcee or something. ^^” If you want more pics of the event, just click the link I’ve given above. 😀

Though I know that there are kind of awards given to Yunoki and Kaji but I just can’t understand the text. Sorry..^^”

Just click here –> tsundere awards (??)

I need more La Corda..!!! XD

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