Shukufuku no Campanella Adult Game to have an Anime

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2009)

The Japanese entertainment company enterbrain! has announced that the Magicu 4 Koma Shukufuku no Campanella manga will have an anime. The manga series is based from the adult PC game from Windwill Oasis Shukufuku no Campanella -la campanella della benedizione-.

The story, as quoted from ANN, is:

The game’s story is set in Ert’Aria, a city known as the “treasury of the world” for the great riches that pass through its streets. The city is in the middle of preparations for a special harvest festival; every seven years, the harvest of the mysterious energy source known as Ēru is more abundant than usual and attracts merchants, tourists, and adventurers from around the world. During those abundant years, a “Day of Shooting Stars” lights up the night skies.

Leicester Maycraft is a young item technician who lives in the city as part of the Oasis adventurers clan. On the “Day of Shooting Stars,” one shooting star lands near a party that Leicester attends. When Leicester searches for where the shooting star landed, a girl appears before Leicester and says, “You are my Papa!”

source: ANN and Anime Nation

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