Seven Kingdoms FULL Demo!

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2015)

Remember that game I played last January? The full demo is finally available! \o/

From the website:

In the full demo you will find:

-The first three weeks of the game.
-Over 160,000 words of content.
-Six unique backgrounds.
-The ability to start 12 unique romances.
-Meet and befriend over 22 characters.
-77 possible achievements.
-A Fanart Gallery.
-11 unlockable short scenes written from the POV of the romanceable game characters.

While this is the full demo, it still contains many features that are not final. We anticipate the following might change before the final game:
-GUI (especially the preferences page/the save-load page/the relationship bars/and the bonus section)
-The Journal
-CGs (or rather the lack of them)

Loading saves from earlier versions of the demo may cause bugs. New games are recommended. (If you want to load old saves, try and load a save earlier than the end of any of the previous demos.)

Thank you and enjoy playing!

Here’s the link to download the demo.

If you haven’t played it, here’s your chance to do so. 😀 I won’t play it this time though. Instead I’ll wait for the full game or else I’d be super bitin ahahaha.

Your thoughts?

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