Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ep2 & GOSICK Ep12 Rants

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2011)

I have finished watching these last week but as always, RL was hindrance so I can only rant now.

WTH happened in ep 2 of SiH?? O.O

The episode started with Ritsu’s dream. It’s quite hilarious since we saw a kissing scene even before they seriously did it in the story (the first one was not counted, IMO).

Then, the story went on as the continuation of the episode 1 where they went to the house of a mangaka to finish the work. And we’ll also get to see another kissing scene from the two in the latter part of the episode. In the end, they have shown that Ritsu had just transferred place next to Takano without him knowing it. That’s it.

O.O Seriously. That’s all for episode 2? I said in my previous SiH post that the next time I will review the anime, that will be at the end of this. But I was kind of disappointed with the last episode >w<. Yes, we have fanservice here but storywise, nothing happened O.O. The episode was friggin dragging with lots of filler scenes. Geez. The fact that they changed the story about Ritsu’s residence, only added to my annoyance. He’s been living there for quite some time >_<. Now I don’t know anymore. I am hoping episode 3 and the rest of the series will be better than this one.

On another note, I’m changing my mind about the opening song and video. I’m loving it now haha. That song was sang by Shuuhei Kita right? Another reason to love it. XD I’m crossing my fingers in seeing the story of the other pairings >/////////<.

Onto the GOSICK rant. Episode 13 is already available but still haven’t watched it. On episode 12, I think it’s the lightest if not one of the lightest episode of the series. What irked me all the time was Victorique being a huge tsundere and a sadist while Kujo was a masochist >_>. Right perfect combination. I don’t have any problems with tsundere characters. In fact, I love almost all of them. But Victorique is also in the borderline of being a true blue sadist. She loves ordering Kujo around and ignoring him whenever it is convenient for her. It was almost like bullying the poor guy. Kujo, on the other hand, loves those. On the earlier episodes, I find it cute. Now, it’s otherwise. >o<


Picspamming! As always, my Tumblr has all the screencaps I have for ep 2. 😀

Reminds me of his stalker mode while in high school. XD

Your thoughts?

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