Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ep 3

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

And I thought this new ep will be better than the previous one. *sigh* I will write a post about ep 1 of Ao no Exorcist and A Channel as well so I’ll make 3 different posts.

I mentioned in my previous SiH review that the episode was dragging and a disappointment to me. Now, episode 3 suffered the same thing. Not even the kissing and make-out scene made up for it. Let’s see, in this episode Yokozawa made his first appearance, Ritsu’s already in-charge of a mangaka, and discussing the storyboard with Takano in the apartment of the latter, the abrupt ‘scene’ of the two, and ended with Yokozawa coming in the apartment the same time as Ritsu opened it, tears on his eyes. That sums the story. See, that’s it. I understand that the manga chapters are quite long to divide into episodes or fitting it in one episode without sacrificing the quality of the story. But isn’t it the same thing as with Junjou Romantica? I mean, it was also long but then they managed to make it not dragging. The kissing scene at the end was so quick, I didn’t even feel the intensity of it. That would be the first intimate contact of the two and yet that’s just it? O.O

There’s something off with the background and it’s coloring. I can’t really tell since I’m no pro when it comes to graphics but the colors and lines are too soft, and the background is dull. I’ve been a fan of anime produced by Studio Deen namely Vampire Knight, 07-Ghost, Junjou Romantica, and Umineko no Naku koro Ni, to name a few. When I’ve heard this will be produced by the same producer, I was expecting something good with animation. I guess, I expected too much. *sigh*

Urgh please don’t do this to this series. Fans are expectant with SiH and the anime is supposedly promoting the series more but if this continues, I’m afraid some will just stick to the manga. u.u

Picspam on my Tumblr. 😀

From this:

To this:

Who wouldn’t get jealous to Yokozawa-san after seeing this? XD

If that were me, I wouldn’t mind being stared at by Takano-san. XD

Your thoughts?

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