School Days (Anime)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

I already heard a lot of comments from those who have watched this anime. my classmate said that this is a good anime. Others have said that this is quite psychotic. So i gave it a try. After watching the first 2 episodes, I jumped to the last episode since I’m fond of watching the last episode to make sure if it is interesting (especially if the anime is not that known to me). What was my reaction? It’s weird. The main character was killed (ooopppps…spoiler..gomen). Another one was killed. you will say that I am bias with my reaction because I’ve only watched 3 episodes (the first two and the last episode). What I did was to search some episode spoilers on the internet and there i found out other things (if you want to know what I found out, try finding it our for yourself..XP). I just realized that this isn’t my type of anime. I’d still prefer Ef-A Tale of Memories and Tokimeki Memorial over this..(>_<..are they comparable with each other??)
Still, the story is promising. I just don’t like the development of characters.

Your thoughts?

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