Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action Film

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2011)

A year ago rumors swirled that the popular manga, Rurouni Kenshin, would be getting a live-action film and that Takeru Sato (known for his role as Koyuki in the live-action adaption of BECK) would play Kenshin. Now it’s been confirmed that the film, starring Sato, will be released sometime in 2012.

Keishi Otomo (director of Ryomaden) will be directing the adaption while Warner Brothers Pictures Japan will be producing the new film with Studio Swan in charge of the actual film production.


What do you guys think about this news? I’m excited with this! Sato Takeru will be playing as Kenshin and the director of Ryomaden will direct this. This must be good! haha



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