Release of Hellsing Ultimate To Be Resumed in June

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2011)

According to the Young King Ours vol.4, the eighth volume of Hellsing Ultimate DVD & Blu-ray will be released on June 22nd. It had been announced to be released this Spring at Comiket 79.

According to the official website, the OVA series will be concluded by the tenth volume. Volumes 8 – 10 will be produced by two studios; Graphinica (the former digital section of GONZO) and studio Kelmadick (the subcontractor of "Shugo Chara!" series and "Genshiken 2").
The changes of the production studios of Hellsing:
TV Series: GONZO
OVA vol.1 – 4: Satelight
OVA vol.5 – 7: Madhouse
OVA vol.8 – 10: Graphinica & Kelmadick
Sources: Scan of YK Ours, Hellsing OVA official website


Gaaaaaah~~ Haven’t seen this one yet.. >_> I mean, its series. T_T

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