Recent Read: Turning Point

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2013)

I was so bored so…(really I should stop procrastinating =.=)

I haven’t read much of Takanaga Hinako’s work recently and the last time that I did was the recent chapter of Kimi ga … (lol I completely forgot the title).

So I found this manga and gave it a quick read. First thing that struck me is the messy dialogues. That or the shading is really dark that it’s hard to read =.=.
Anyway, the story is about a playwright who is struggling with his work. He meets a younger guy one day who changed his life forever~. Ahaha cheesy. But yeah, it’s something like that. They are another version of opposite attracts couple: the playwright being the uber negative person and the younger guy as the optimistic as ever character.
I really don’t know what to feel for this manga. It’s as if I ‘ve read something like this before, which title I can’t remember. I’ll still keep this in my list though and read it again later.

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