Recent Playthrough: Dot Kareshi II

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2013)
Oh hi there villager-kun 8D
More perve — I mean more dot kare!  :3

I loved the first game to bits so naturally, I’d love love love to play the 2nd disc. This time we have the beast master, dancer, monk, and knight. I’m most interested to Knight as the official site listed him as doM  so I’ll be playing him last. ufufu

So far, I’m still on the part where you have to choose a quest. I’ve chosen beast master for starters because I’m no good with tsunderes so better finish him early www. Dancer will be next, then the pervert Monk, and lastly, the ossan Knight.

Like last time, I was laughing so hard at their conversations. Their lines are really precious. Just take a look at this:

So yeah, I’ll be pretty busy for this not like it will take me real long to finish it. xD

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