Recent Anime: Kuroshitsuji – Book of Murder

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2015)

Book of Murder is a two-part OVA that takes place after the events in Book of Circus. Ciel and Sebastian are back in the Phantomhive mansion and everything returns to normal. That is, until the Queen’s butlers barge in.

Ciel holds a banquet for several guests in the Phantomhive mansion under the Queen’s order. A series of murder ensues in the mansion including the death of his butler Sebastian. Everyone feels threatened knowing there’s a murderer hiding among them. With the arrival of the mysterious Jeremy, he, along with the remaining people in the mansion, uncovers the truth within these murders.

I remember loving this particular arc in the manga partly because of the Sherlock Holmes reference but mostly because of tricks that Ciel and Sebastian played. They show once more how cunning they can be. And well, again, Sebastian proves how one hell of a butler he is. Ciel is lucky (or not?) for having him.

It is nice to have the character of Arthur (Conan Doyle?), a fledgling writer at that time. After the strange things that happened, he writes them in a what we know now as the Sherlock series.

Book of Murder is less than grand than the previous arcs but it still have its own charm.

Leaving you with some Phantomhive love~

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2 thoughts on “Recent Anime: Kuroshitsuji – Book of Murder

  1. I loved the ova. It was really interesting and very funny too.
    That part Ciel start to take off Sebastian’s clothes lol so funny!
    And I’m a huge fan of Arthur Conan Doyle, so I loved that he was in the ova :3

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