Recent Anime: Haikyuu!!: Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)


Haikyuu’s Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa match is probably one of the biggest game and hurdles Karasuno has to take to date – so much, that it merits its own season. While the previous matches with Datekou and Aoba Jousai forced them to grow and learn, playing against a champion team and a powerhouse player like Ushijima is no walk in the park.


This season showcases all the things that make me love Haikyuu in the first place. The show celebrates teamwork. While the series mostly focuses about Hinata and Kageyama, the other characters have their fair share of the spotlight. They are all a star of their own who contributes to their team’s success. Like when Karasuno tries to receive the powerful spikes from Ushijima, the blockers limit the spike path so that their libero can receive it. Same goes for Shiratorizawa where, despite their eccentricities that seem to clash, their different strengths manage to keep Karasuno on their toes.

Naturally, you’d cheer for the main team and boo the opposing team. But I can’t help but cheer for the rival team as well. Because despite looking like the “villain” for Karasuno, if you look at it from a different side, they are also only giving their best to win.


Now if we are going for my favorite character, that’s, without a doubt, Tsukishima. Tsukki goes from that indifferent guy to a low-key passionate one. He’s grown so much in this season, making him one of the indispensable player of their team. I’m gonna agree with their coach on this one,


There are more flashbacks in the latter episodes which 1) breaks the tension from the rally, and 2) establishes a background of the characters. We all know about Karasuno players, but we know too little about the guys from Shiratorizawa. These flashbacks shed some light to their motivation to play volleyball. One of the flashbacks that made me go ‘aww’ is about Ushijima’s father telling his son that he would be delighted if the younger Ushijima would happen to be interested in volleyball. It turns out; his son is a little too interested in the sport lol. But that goes to show that Wakatoshi is also a child who wishes to show how far he had come in volleyball.

What kept me glued to the series is that their struggle makes me want to cheer for them because I know that they deserve to win after everything they did. It may have been a long battle, but it was worth watching every minute.

Your thoughts?

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