Recent Anime: Free!

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2015)

Free! is that one anime I will never get tired watching.

Fanservice and potential BL-material aside, Free! is a good show. It is different from most sports anime that I’ve seen since the focus is more on the characters, their growth and relationship. It’s like swimming is only a device used to form and strengthen the bonds of the characters.

I liked how through swimming, Haruka Makoto, Rin, Nagisa, Rei, and other supporting characters find their dreams and eventually their directions in life (Sousuke is yet to achieve that but I believe that he is getting there. xD). Free!, in all its precious babi—I mean, characters, is about discovering oneself. One thing to like more in the series are the characters’s relationship. They all have such good and healthy friendship. I’m envious.

If I have to choose which season I liked the most, though, I’ll go with Eternal Summer. The first season is good but Rin still hates the world too much and Haru is too shaken by his arrival and too enclosed in his shell. I liked ES more, not only because Rin has mellowed down but also the show gives more attention to other characters as well. It showcases their growth. Not to mention more focus on Makoto (this angel <3) and the arrival of Sousuke make it a lot better. lol

My list of faves:

Favorite scene: Ep1 in season 1, Ep13 in ES, and basically every scene that Sousuke’s in it

Favorite pairing: MakoHaru, SouRin, a bit of ReiGisa and SasabexAma-chan-sensei

Favorite character/s: Tachibana Makoto, Yamazaki Sousuke

Favorite side-characters: Everyone. Ahahaha.

*Momo – because it’s hard not to like this guy

*Kisumi – Godddd this guy needs more scene

I haven’t read the light novel and watched Ep14 yet. I’m looking forward to the extra ep because SOUSUKE. Open-mouthed smile

3 thoughts on “Recent Anime: Free!

  1. My favorite chara is Nagisa and Haku :3
    Sousuke is so hot, I like him too.
    “*Kisumi – Godddd this guy needs more scene” Agreed lol

      1. No, Haru XD
        I typed wrong lol
        There’s a Free! movie :3 It’s with Mako, Haru and Momo’s brother when they’re younger 🙂

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