Recent Anime: Free! Ep 14

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2015)

We’ve seen the guys from Iwatobi and Samezuka compete with each other in tournaments. But for once, they take their rivalry in a sab—I mean, survival game… with a twist!

Episode 14 is the unaired episode included in the Blu-ray DVD of Free! ~Eternal Summer~. The Iwatobi guys visit Samezuka’s Cultural Festival. If you’ve listened (or read translations) of one of the tracks of the drama CD (forgot which one orz), the Swim Club has a tradition where the 1st and 2nd years have to wear a maid outfit for their café. The seniors, though, must wear the butler’s uniform. I would have wanted to see Rin dressed as a maid though. Siiiiiigh.

Anyway, while the guys (from both teams) walk around the campus, they come across a survival game. The rules are simple: to win the game, you have to hit a member of the opposing team with a water gun. The group with the last member standing wins. To heat things up, Nagisa suggests they draw lots to mix the members. The oddest pair among them, Haru and Sousuke, pick the same group. My fave pairs are split up with each other, making this game even more interesting. I squee a bit in each pairing as they go against each other. (MakoHaru, SouRin, ReiGisa, RinHaru, MomoAi – wait how do you name MomotarouxNitori pairing??)

What makes this extra entertaining is the slight focus on Sousuke (and okay, wee bit of SouHaru). Sousuke is that grumpy-looking, intimidating guy for the earlier parts of ES. We learn about some parts of him throughout the series but we never see him enjoying himself except when he’s with Rin (I’m saying this without my fujoshi goggles okay). And gosh, nobody could ever miss his apparent dislike for Haru. Ep 14 shows Sousuke’s other sides. I find the gap in his personality cute. It may look like he’s cold towards others but he has that certain way of showing his care (albeit really intimidating). I consider this the bonus point of the extra.

Kisumi makes an appearance too! Since we’ve seen him interact with Makoto and Haru, we see him chat with Sousuke and Rin.

So there. It’s a lot of fun watching the guys getting along with each other outside the pool. I can’t wait for the movie which will be shown this December.

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  1. This has nothing to do with the post but more with the theme of the blog:
    I remembered you when I watched the first episode of Osomatsu-san. On a side note: I did not expect it to turn out that way.

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