Recent Anime: 5 Centimeter Per Second

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2016)


5 Centimeter Per Second has always been on my to-watch list. Thanks to my workmate, I have finally been able to watch it!

Released in 2007, this movie was a hit. Back then, this was what everyone was talking about.

The film depicts Takaki’s relationship with his childhood friend Akari throughout the phases of their lives. It has an eerie melancholia that (probably) makes some of the viewers bawl their eyes out. Not me though. as the pace is painfully slow (it’s 5cm per second duh lol /bricked) and boring. It is full of monologues and introspection. Add that to a non-proactive protagonist and you’ll get a sleep-inducing movie. The story didn’t move me. I was expecting  to ugly cry considering all the reviews and comments that I’ve read before mentioned that it’ll make you shed a tear or two. And that’s surprising. We both know that I’m such a crybaby yet I never cried watching this. But if there’s one good thing that I liked about the movie, it’s that it makes me think. It makes me contemplate on a lot of things. Therefore, it is able to leave a lasting impression to me.

My workmate told me that this is a break up movie. I differ. To be fair, 5cm per Second can be interpreted in a lot of ways depending on the person who watched it. But more than anything, the film shows how life works. We meet people, touch each other’s lives, and then some people stick for a long time, some don’t. Takaki and Akari are the two sides of the coin: one who is stuck in the past and the other who is looking forward to the future.

My favorite part is the last episode where it shows the main characters as adults. I love the portrayal of the lives of young adults. Takaki embodies the twenty-something whose life has turned dry and dreary. He wakes up one day realizing that he’s got nothing, not even an aspiration in life. Watching him throughout the story, makes you think of how many chances he missed. In return, it will also make you think of all of your lost chances and regrets.

5 Centimeter Per Second is a poignant story about life and how people deal with it. It’s a good film that makes a lasting impression albeit it’s slow start.

13 thoughts on “Recent Anime: 5 Centimeter Per Second

  1. I haven’t watched this one yet, it’s one of those “one day I’ll watch”. I’m biased tho, I loved Hoshi no Koe the best, and the manga adaptation by Sumomo Yumeka (or one of her pen names) was amazing (✪㉨✪)
    One day I will conquer this movie /shakes fist

    1. I’m so sorry for the late reply. /o

      I swear, I wouldn’t have gotten past the first part if I wasn’t watching with my workmate. XD I’m glad you reconsider this movie. Hope you’ll enjoy it this time. ^^

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