Reality turns to fiction

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

This fiction was created based on the predictions and research on a terrible earthquake that would happen in Tokyo.

It will try to realistically depict the after effects of such a situation in the original story. However, there are differences from the original work.

Mirai and her brother Yuuki visited a robot expo in Odaiba. Suddenly, a high magnitude earthquake struck Tokyo. Join their adventure as they walked from Odaiba to their house and how they survived the aftershock of the earthquake.

The story is indeed simple yet intriguing. The characters were already established right after the first episode. The plot is presented in a direct way. Each episode showed how the siblings and Mari-san dealt with their circumstances. Not only the plot that developed well but also the characters progressed too. The eleven episodes of the series did not limit its characters to grow and learned the lesson the tragedy imparted to them.

If you’ve watched Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East), you would more or less remember its animation here. The songs used in the series are also great and catchy such as the ending song Melody.

The creators did a job well done in making this close to reality as possible. The reactions are very natural that it will make you feel closer to the characters. This series wouldn’t also be good if not for the lessons the audience would learn while watching this. The most important one that I’ve learned is that do not take for granted those things and person you have right now. Who knows what will happen next and you might regret it.

Your thoughts?

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