Ramblings on Otome Youkai Zakuro and Bakuman

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

While mending my broken heart after I’ve learned that Takagi got married to Miyoshi, I have decided to lurk around the other series I’ve planned on watching.

Otome Youkai Zakuro got me by its summary before (and no, I won’t provide one since the show have already started a month ago). But when I’ve started watching this morning, I forgot what is this all about.

So, uh, basically its humans and demons trying to live harmoniously and whatnots. The first few minutes of the series  a thought crossed my mind: awesome fight scene. There was something in the music played in the background that got my attention. I thought that perhaps I’ll have a not-so Higurashi-ish anime (or Shiki, I guess).

Then, we’ll meet the characters. Sadly, I was not able to capture screencaps since I’ve only watched the series on an online streaming site and the quality is so so. The main girl (the one in the middle of the picture) was so against with the soldiers living in with them because they are human. And I was like, “Oh I like this character”. But then again, my expectation of her shattered when she easily swoon over the playboy guy (guess his name is Kei). So even if she got angry on Kei afterwards,I’m having doubts if she really forget her crush on him (not to mention the give away op vid of the anime). And I think I have to tell you that Zakuro appeared to me as Hikari. Only if we are talking about physical features (Hikari is much more of a dummy.. Sorry Hikari fans.. ^^”)

About the other girls, hmmmm. Nothing exceptional. Unless you mention the supporting casts which are mostly spirits, or demons or whatever they are. I mean, I find them cute and funny. Even funnier than the main cast. *sigh* However, the main guy, Kei, despite his bishounen look (and I have to mention that he somewhat resembles Faldio Landzaat of Senjou no Valkyria) is very afraid of the spirits. At first, whenever he pulled his playboy moves, Zakuro blushes all over and roses starts to bloom around this Kei guy. The other soldier, I forgot his name, the quiet one looked a lot like Ryuu of Kimi ni Todoke. He and the shy spirit girl are teamed together (just like Zakuro and Kei) and they are better off as the main pairing of the show. If you are thinking how about the other soldier and the twins, they are more like a comic relief.

I thought I’ll be expecting something from this one but halfway through the series I’m starting to think if I’ll continue watching this and hope that things will get better. The fighting scenes are good and the way the girls fight are cool. They should do that a lot. The funny parts are well, yea, funny in a way. Especially if Kei becomes so scared of the demons around him. So the anime is like a romance with a side of action series and not the other way around (to think I was expecting the other way around.. ^^”) Now, I’m still thinking if I should watch the next episodes or better drop it now.


Next rant will be on Bakuman (manga).

I have started rereading the manga (I have only finished the vol 1 before though).

Who wouldn’t love this guy?? <3

Actually, my rant about Bakuman is not the story itself but rather on Takagi’s love life. I love this guy (that would be obvious). And on the earlier part of vol 1, it was hinted that he and Azuki’s bff, Miyoshi, might be together. I don’t want to believe that. Then, I’ve read the part where Takagi will choose between her and Iwase. It’s not that I like Iwase, she’s twisted. Who would think that a handshake will mean that the two of you are going out? I don’t like the other girl, either (ugh, I don’t even want to mention her name >_>). You all know how I lurve spoilers so I took the liberty and spoiled myself. I discovered that on chapter 66, if I’m not mistaken, was the part where Takagi asked the bff for marriage. O.O

Imagine how shocked I am to learn that. Like seriously???!!!! You’re gonna marry her??!!! At your age?! I haven’t met this Aoki girl but she’ll be better than Miyoshi. I so can’t believe it. The manga-kas must be nuts. I mean, they’re great and all but can they pull a romance not as annoying as this? The two of them doesn’t have a friggin’ chemistry.!!! Sure, they are opposites. Takagi is the brainy guy with great ambition. The girl is the tomboy with big boobies and loud mouth, oh and average grades. So if you are going to change the genders like for a shoujo-ish romance, they are suited for each other (only if Takagi is lot more quiet type). I don’t asked them to be lovey-dovey as it will totally ruin the story just to build up a good romance. It also doesn’t seem that Takagi totally fell for her so bad, just some “forced” romance.

Don’t be mistaken. I don’t totally hate Miyoshi. She’s great for comic relief and if she hadn’t have a relationship with Takagi, I’ll let her off the hook. But no, she’s there that can’t be left unnoticed. I’ve seen other girls like her, Chizu of Kimi ni Todoke for example. But compared to her, Chizu is lot likeable. I never even think about of hating her when I’ve started reading the manga. So you can’t blame me if I hate her. I’m not also saying that she is the worst female character in the manga. Azuki is boring and Iwase is a b***h. But I don’t care about them. I also began thinking that I should drop the series both manga and anime because of my annoyance but can’t since the series is great.

On a second thought, why give Takagi a pairing if he’s a character who will do well even without romance (he even said it himself that he’s too busy with the manga thing). So why gave him a freaking partner? More so, marrying at a young age (though I’m not sure about the marriage stuffs going on in Japan)??? (I would rather have him being paired with Saiko *gets killed*).


So there. Off to watch some Togainu no Chi..

I want to hear your thoughts about this too.. :))))

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  1. LOL @your rantings over Miyoshi… XD haha! but I agree~~ she’s waaay too boring! haven’t been that far yet in the manga..but I didn’t really like her in the series. why does she need to be married off to takagi??? WHY??!!
    this series needs to become yaoi. me is not liking the girls.. XDD *gets shot* XDD

  2. Miyoshi only good as a comic relief the marriage is only there to move the story along. Though why make them marry I have no idea (,_,)

    Zakuro I though was good but the only character fighting is Zakuro herself all the other demons just sing – I mean good song and all but still…

    Also none of the other characters stand out to the point where I forgotten all their names. >.<

    1. I’ve read some spoilers about that part of the manga, and I really have no idea why marriage would be the solution for that.. O.O

      Yea, nothing remarkable on the series. And it seemed funny that the other girls sing the chant then the fight is over.. >_<

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