Quantcast Sengoku Basara’s 2nd Anime Season to Premiere in 2010

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2009)

The official website for Itsuro Kawasaki and Production I.G‘s anime adaptation of the Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings) historical action-adventure videogame has confirmed that a second season will premiere in 2010. In both the game and the anime, Kazuya Nakai, Sōichiro Hoshi, and Norio Wakamoto play Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, and Oda Nobunaga, respectively — actual historical figures in Japan’s bloody Warring States Period.

The game already inspired a 12-episode anime season that premiered in April. A 13th episode will ship on the anime’s seventh DVD next January. The first season has just ended on Wednesday night with the announcement (pictured at right) of the second season. The game also inspired more than one manga adaptations and even rice bags — official Sengoku Basara rice bags and unofficial ones drawn by Sengoku Basara manga artist Chimaki Kuori.

Source: animeanime.jp

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