Pure Romance (Junjou Romantica)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

After a year, I finally decided to continue watching this. Back on 2008, I was curious with this series and decided to watch it. It’s funny yet while I was still in the middle of episode 1, I decided to stop watching. From then on, I stayed away from yaoi. Remember my post about Only the Ring Finger Knows? It actually affected my decision on continuing this. Because I really wanted to watch an anime of OTRFK (sadly, I wasn’t able to find one since it wasn’t made into an anime yet), I diverted my attention to Junjou Romatica. It did not fail me. I actually finished the 2 season within 4 days. A record for me.. ^_^

It is smutty, indeed. There hasn’t been a single episode that nothing happened with either of the pairs. It is overflowing with love in every episode (okay, it’s ewww for non-yaoi fans). The pairs in Romantica, Egoist and Terrorist are all opposites. They are also funny and can be dramatic at times. My favorite couple among the three will be Nowaki and Hiro-san. Nowaki is <3! He is too sweet and lovable. Of course, Misaki and Usagi-san are also cute. I really wish there are more Egoist in the anime.

Studio Deen made a good job with the animation. The characters are good-looking. It is colorful. The story remained loyal to the manga. The opening and ending songs for both seasons suit the anime too.

Compared to the manga, this is wholesome. LOL. Just when you are comparing this to its manga counterpart. Anyway, all the heavy scenes in the manga had been toned down. If you’ve watched the anime and thought that it has heavy smuts, try scanning some pages of the manga then rewatch again. You’ll understand why I said it is wholesome. 😀

This is not bad for my first yaoi anime. Tt won’t harm you if you’ll also try this.

6 thoughts on “Pure Romance (Junjou Romantica)

  1. I have heard rumors of a season 3, but its just rumors.

    Nowaki x Hiroki is the best. Junjo egoist.<3

    Nowaki is… how do I put this, he can be quite grumpy but shows his love in his own way. Hiroki is more open to people, mostly to Hiro-san (Hiroki) because he says "Its love at first sight" and crap like that, but its adorable. I like how Hiroki is shorter than Nowaki EVEN THOUGH HE IS 4 YEARS OLDER. Musn't of eat his veg or something… (You would of though Akihiko (Usagi-san) made him).

    As for the Usami and Misaki situation, that counts as pretty cute too, however I don't like how the manga is 18+ (But its nice for the yaoi <3) and there has flippin' teddy bears in it… jeez


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