Penguin Kakumei

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2009)

English Title: Penguin Revolution

Mangaka: Tsukuba Sakura

Genre: Shoujo, Gender Bender, Comedy, School Life, Drama, Slife of Life, Romance, Fantasy

Publisher: Hakusensha

Serialized in: LaLa

Licensed by: CMX

Volumes: 7

Chapters: 35

Peacock, a famous showbiz company, has a ranking system. Boys with star capacity are ranked according to their selling points and are numbered. Ryo Katsuragi belongs to the class of penguins, the lowest class. Yukari can see wings on the back of a person with a star potential. She recognized that their Student Council Vice President has wings but only a pair of small wings. Much to her surprised, she discovered the Vice President’s disguise! She is none other than Ryo. Another Peacock’s rule is to disguise themselves so no one could discover their real identity. Knowing his secret, Ryo asked Yukari to be his manager. Now, the two of them will do anything to make Ryo Peacock’s No.1!

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